Crime & Punishment

The work consists of a conversational performance and reading groups.

“Who’s responsible for the death of the queen?” In the conversational performance, inspired by the work of Hannah Arendt, we question how we assign guilt to others, what values are at stake and what punishment should be given, if any.

In the reading group we read thematically inspired short stories by authors ranging from Anton Tsjechov to Miranda July. These sessions take place in prisons, psychiatric hospitals and therapeutic communities.

Peter Aers, Bart Capelle, Melissa Mabesoone, Dries Warlop | thanks to Winny Ang, Kristof Van Rossem, Prison Ghent

With the support of art centre Vooruit, KAAP, workspacebrussels, the Flemish Government & Vormingplus

Crime and Punishment has been performed in art centre Vooruit (Ghent), KAAP (Bruges), Working Title Festival (Brussels), city museum STA°M (Ghent), Dark Matter Games (Venice, Italy), Theater aan Zee (Ostend), the prisons of Ghent, Beveren and Bruges, the psychiatric prison of Ghent, Saanafest (Hølen, Norway), Compass Festival (Leeds, UK).

© Peter Aers
© Fotografen Samestad

Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought is a series of conversational performances and dialogues. Taking four different subjects, they explore how the individual and the community are related and how the community influences the individual and vice versa. The performances are inspired by and make use of fiction, philosophical and anthropological texts, theatrical means and sculptures. They are a co-construction with other artists and/or philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists and other people involved in the topics.