Peter Aers is a performance artist. He obtained a M.A. in Philosophy at Ghent University and Geneva, and studied the Jacques Lecoq method of acting in Brussels.

He has developed 'Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought', a series of conversational performances which deal with pain, the future, and crime and punishment. Central to his process of creation as well as the performances themselves, are the people who take part, how they choose to communicate, and the relationship between these individuals and the community they are part of.

He is part of the collective Building Conversation. Inspired by conversation techniques from all over the world they execute and perform different conversation formats together with participants in cities all over Europe. Doing so, the collective explores, together with everybody who wants to join, how we talk and how we could talk with each other.

The conversational performances have been performed at art festivals, art institutions and prisons, schools, psychiatric hospitals, etcetera. The Pain of Others was selected for Het TheaterFestival 2019.

Everything Depends... has been supported by many other artists and people and The Flemish Community, Vooruit, KAAP, workspacebrussels and Vormingplus.

Reviews and Texts

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